Larry Harvey: Founder of Burning Man

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Living Green episode 11: The Voice of Burning Man : Larry Harvey

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Born in 1948, Larry Harvey grew up on a small farm on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. In the late 1970's he moved to San Francisco, and soon discovered the city's thriving underground art scene. In 1986 he founded Burning Man at a local beach, and has guided its progress ever since. Larry likes the word "prodigious." "Primal" would run a close second. "Looming" and "vast" would doubtless place. He has, by his own admission, a grandiose imagination. This is tempered by a love of people and a keen appreciation of their characters, capacities and creative ideas. In his role as spokesperson for the Project, he is known for his hat. The famous Stetson, a pearl gray 7 3/8" Open Road, seldom leaves his head. It is worn, he tells us, in remembrance of his father, who wore the original.