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Sex, Love and Intimacy episode 8: Melanie Nayer: Intimacy and Relationship Trends: Review of Bestselling Relationship Books and Popular Relationship Websites

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Melanie Nayer is the editor in chief of, managing both the editorial and the book publishing division of the company. Before joining the LifeTips team, Melanie was the Web editor and content producer for the business section of, one of the nation’s largest online news sites. Prior to her work online, Melanie was a business reporter for various national publications and worked as a Capitol Hill news correspondent in 2002. With a background in legal, economic, political, business and community reporting, Melanie brings a diverse and unique knowledge base to the role of editor. You can find Melanie’s published articles in various publications including Fortune Magazine, Banker & Tradesman, American Lawyer Media and The Boston Globe. You can continue to read Melanie's columns every other Saturday in The Boston Globe's Arts & Entertainment: Sidekick section.