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Sex, Love and Intimacy episode 22: Michael Gilbert: What Darwin Teaches US About Men, Women and Relationships

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Michael Gilbert was born and raised in Montreal, where he attended Concordia University and concluded his formal education with a graduate degree at Harvard. His multi-faceted career included positions as a university lecturer, a research analyst and investment consultant, real estate executive and independent film producer.

Along the way, Michael developed an abiding personal interest in the social and gender philosophies that emerged to much notoriety in the 1960s and 1970s, perspectives that continue to impact our lives and generate lively debate. Determined to sort out these crucial matters for himself and his family, he became an ardent student of the anthropological and natural history of human behavior. Over the last two decades, he has immersed himself in writngs about sociobiology and the vibrant young field of evolutionary psychology.

At 2000, he took a sabbatical from his business activities and turned to writing The Disposable Male, the culmination of his research and ruminations on sex roles, work and family life. In 2005, as he was preparing the book for publication, Michael was appointed a Senior Fellow at the Center for the Digital Future, a research and policy institute of the Annenberg School at the University of Southern California.

Researchers at the Center track the ways in which digital technologies, the Internet and virtual communities are changing the social, political and economic fabric of our lives. The Center undertakes domestic and international research on how people use emerging technologies, the World Wide Web and the media, organizes conferences and provides specialized briefings to a wide range of leaders in government, industry, trade and civic groups. In addition to its flagship American and international surveys, the Center also manages USC's ground-breaking research project devoted to online communities.

Michael Gilbert is divorced and lives in Los Angeles. An avid reader, he enjoys museums, concerts and the theatre, and vigorous conversation with friends. He loves to play tennis, travel and explore our great philosophical, spiritual and mystical traditions.