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DishyMix episode 212: Russell Pereira on 7 Mistakes You're Making That Are Limiting Your Success With A-Player Employees

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Russell Pereira is known internationally as the "A-Player Maker and Employee Problem Solver.”  A trusted advisor, seasoned corporate trainer and executive mentor, he works with Executives and their management teams in the same way a sports coach works with Olympic athletes - continuously sharpening their career game plan and refining the skills they need to lead high-performing teams, so they make more money, faster.

Russell draws on 12 years of corporate experience in professional consulting (Price Waterhouse), marketing and business development (FMCG companies), and an MBA.

But in 1999, Russell realized his passion for people and unique ability to solve communication problems between managers and employees could be combined with great effect and personal satisfaction. So he changed focus and graduated from the Australian Institute of Executive Coaching. And for five years he worked closely with American-born mentors, John Matthews and Dr. Cynthia Thero – two of the most-respected pioneers of the executive coaching industry.

Russell has spent 7000+ hours developing Executives from the World’s most respected brands like: Caltex/Chevron, Pixar, Zurich Financial Services, Northropp Grumman, British American Tobacco, Qantas Airways, Bisleri, and Commonwealth Bank - as well as companies recognized as “Best to Work For,” like in the US and Altis Consulting in Australia. And he’s worked in a range of industries: Media, Information Technology, Retail, Airlines, Banking & Finance, Insurance, FMCG, Petroleum, and Defense. 

He lives in the US with his wife Emily, and remains committed to his global vision of dissolving communication barriers between individuals, teams and cultures, through his work with:

1) Vice Presidents of medium to large organizations, who are continuously hammered by two stressful communication challenges - managing down-line teams to generate critical business results, while developing the important business relationships above and beside them that either make or break their careers.  Listen here to Premal Sha, president of, discuss Russell's impact on his organization in San Francisco.

2) Fast growing engineering & technology teams - Russell works to maximize the business value of this highly talented group by supercharging their interpersonal skills to match their technical genius. Listen here to Roy Hammet, People and Performance Manager from Altis Consulting, describe Russell's impact on the company across Australia and New Zealand.

3) 1st and 2nd generation Indian executives working with US companies – Born in India and influenced by both Indian and Western cultures, Russell “gets” how to close the uncomfortable communication gap caused by unavoidable, cross-cultural differences. He understands this situation well because he too faced similar difficulties for 12 years… but then he discovered how to skyrocket his business communication skills with 90 days of rigorous training, and has since helped hundreds of managers develop greater personal power and influence in business.  

To learn how Russell can help you or your company with fast and powerful solutions to frustrating people problems that would otherwise damage relationships, get in the way of productivity and slowly bleed your profits, check out his website: