Dr. Korenna Reynard: Psychotherapist, Somatic Sexologist, Erotic Educator

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Sex - Tantra and Kama Sutra episode 110: SUCCULENT SELF RELATING with Dr. Korenna Reynard

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Dr. Korenna Reynard is a psychotherapist, a somatic sexologist and an erotic educator. She has made a life-long practice of studying relationships, communication, and sexuality (both in and out of the classroom).

Dr. Reynard began studying Tantra and Sacred Sexuality more than a decade ago as a means for balancing the medical/clinical approach to sexuality she was being taught during her doctoral training with more spiritual/optimal aspects of sexuality she intuitively knows to be valuable.

As a Sex & Intimacy Coach, Dr. Reynard works somatically and personally with clients. She uses interactive instruction, therapeutic touch, breathwork, and embodiment practices in order to help individuals & couples achieve the growth and changes they desire. She blends her unique interests and areas of expertise to help her clients increase intimacy, embrace ecstasy, break through old patterns, and bring new passion and vibrancy to their lives…both in the bedroom and beyond!