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Sex - Tantra and Kama Sutra episode 112: INTUITION IN THE QUEST FOR LOVE with Master Rose Love

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Uzoma Rose aka Rosalind Smith is one of the great transformational minds of our time.

Uzoma: Ibo (Nigerian Dialect) means a child who had a good journey from the lord to their family.

Uzoma was born on a journey to Asia, August 28, 2003; after being guided by the voice of GOD to leave Corporate America as an engineer for a profound spiritual journey.

Guided only by the inner voice of GOD’s presence; Uzoma had many miraculous events unfold as she traveled thru Thailand, Nepal and India. Amazing teachers found Uzoma on her journey that would ultimately lead to studies that paralleled the journey of Jesus the Christ, Yashua Ben Yoseph; from age 13-30. Studying under Masters from Tibetian Vajrayana Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Kriya Yogic traditions, Mayan shamanism lead Uzoma to a great ultimate truth. BEHOLD, GOD is Within YOU!

Uzoma’s formal education began at Florida State University, completing studies in both Electrical and Computer Engineering simultaneously in 3 years.

Tapping into ancient mystic traditions lead to studies of Cranial Fluid Dynamics, Cranial Osteopathy, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and most recently Psycho-Acoustic Sound therapy or Vibrational Medidcine.

And in 2005 a profound revelation led to the unveiling of ancient use of sound in TCM sound to treat disease pattern in the bodies electromagnetic lay lines or meridians.

This knowledge of the bioenergetic characteristic of the brain’s neuro-nets creating physical body structure thru the tides and flow of cranial fluid and energy flow thru the nervous system unlocked another ancient symbolic key to the “body as the earth.”

The application of the electromagnetic relationship of cell interaction from brain focus is used to shift patterns of disease opened up a new realm of possibility in health care and a catalyst for an already amazing journey.

Uzoma has extensive expertise in the areas of Reiki, Crystal healing, Tibetian & Crystal Singing bowl healing, Tai Chi/Chi Gung, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbology, Quantum Physics, Cellular Biology and Vibrational Medicine.

Today, Uzoma’s practice involves the integration of all the ancient schools of wisdom to integrate the practice of Mind Focus to heal the sacred geometric vibrational structures of the human cells, creating miraculous paradigm shifts in what was once known as disease.

Uzoma produces various events throughout the world, wowing audiences at the miracle effects of sound on health. She also teaches Mind Focus meditations to empower humanity to have a say in how they see their health.