Eileen Gittens: Founder, President & CEO, Blurb.com

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DishyMix episode 138: Eileen Gittens, Blurb on Killed Ideas, Self Publishing & Offline as Amplifier

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Eileen says this is the most rewarding company she’s ever run, which is saying a fair amount as she has lived and worked all over the world with Kodak and as VP at Wall Data before and after the IPO, CEO of Personify (behavioral segmentation and analytics) and Verb (context search), outside Board Director at Qbiquity and Popular Demand.

Eileen never stopped photographing since her days studying photography, and that’s how Blurb got started. She wanted to create a beautifully designed and produced photo essay book – something that looked like a book you’d buy at the bookstore – but she only needed 40 copies.

This turned out to be remarkably painful, expensive, and time-consuming – and she thought that was just wrong.

So she founded Blurb.

Eileen’s favorite quote: “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.” (Gandhi)

Eileen’s first Blurb book: Five Hours in Napa