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Beauty Now episode 71: The Law Of Attraction: Be All You Can Be with Hemal Radia

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Hemal Radia is a world class expert on Manifesting & Law of Attraction.  He has been described as a “Super Coach” and is a speaker and soon-to-be author.  He very elegantly simplifies the Law of Attraction and makes it very easy to understand and apply it, whether for those new to it or those advanced with it – he skilfully guides people into effectively tuning into their own abilities.

He has been in the field for 15 years, starting out with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and discovering that his love was about how we shape our reality with our thoughts and feelings - about what is within us that creates what is ‘out there’.  When one tunes into themselves, they tune into all that they are and all that they want.  One of his many quotes in particular typifies this, which is: “Find You and You Find Everything”

He has built up a very sizeable following worldwide including on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter with numerous groups and pages devoted to him, including a “Hemal Radia Appreciation Group” on Facebook that was created by those in appreciation of his contributions.  His quotes are shared on these networks and various others worldwide every hour, including being translated into other languages.  On the above mentioned Appreciation Group they also send out his quotes during the week.

In listening to Hemal you will discover that what he believes in is the magic within you and you will find yourself realising it like never before.