Vicki Gunvalson: of The Real Housewives of Orange County

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Beauty Now episode 70: Reality Star Vicki Gunvalson: More Than A Housewife

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Enough energy to overcome the challenge of being a single mother at the age of 29, with no college degree, and through sheer determination, drive, and passion for business, she was able to build Coto Insurance & Financial Services, Inc., one of the most successful Insurance Agencies and Financial Services Companies in the United States.

In addition to health and life insurance, Vicki's company offers financial products and services such as retirement strategies and estate conservations to individuals and business owners.

With the type of planning that Vicki does, she is able to show them how to obtain a guaranteed income stream in retirement which they will never outlive while their principle is protected.

Vicki is also the co-author of Internet Life Insurance Made Easy, and the Founder of Coto University where she teaches and mentors over 600 agents across the country how to sell Life Insurance via the internet. Vicki holds various professional designations including being an Ed Slott Elite IRA Advisor, is a member of the Million Dollar Round Table, the American Association of Long Term Care Insurance, and the National Ethics Bureau. She lives by the mantra "Where Clients are Family", and believes that the way to generate more wealth is to share her wealth with others.

Her intense drive for worldly success and laser focus on innovative business growth sometimes overshadows her equally intense love for her family - husband Donn, and children Michael and Briana.

Vicki's motto when meeting with her clients is Peace of Mind = Quality of Life.

Vicki is able to provide ALL of her clients with peace of mind that they will be "ok" in retirement when they enter into her "family of clients."