Jules Bianchi: Wedding Photographer

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Camera Dojo episode 71: Conversation with Jules Bianchi - Talking about lighting

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For jules, photography isn't just a career, it is a way of life. At a very young age she became aware of how fleeting life can be, and photography became her way of capturing life moments and, essentially, freezing time. She studied film at UCSB, which gave her photography a cinematic, storytelling style. After working in the film industry for seven years, she realized she needed to be doing more personal, gratifying work and decided to start her own wedding photography business. Since then, her internationally award-winning work as been published in numerous magazines and featured in professional samples such as Leather Craftsmen, Willowbooks, Livebooks, Kolo, and Pictage.

She is actively involved in the photography community, speaking at the Pictage Partner Conference and the Digital Wedding Forum Convention as well as teaching her own seminars. She has been the guest speaker for various photography classes and other educational forums such as the Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area, the Professional Photographers of Channel Islands, the University of Riverside, and the highly regarded Kubota Digital Photography Bootcamp. Jules leads a regular photography group once a month for local photographers to network and learn and privately mentors photographers from all over the country.