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Sex - Tantra and Kama Sutra episode 99: IGNITING SEXUAL HOPE: EMPOWERING SEXUAL, PATTERNS, BEHAVIORS & BELIEFS with Dr. Neil Cannon

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Dr. Neil Cannon is a certified sex therapist and couples counselor in Denver, Colorado.  Dr. Neil is also a Board Certified sexologist (Sexology being the study of sexual attitudes and behavior).  Dr. Neil is a professional speaker and sexuality educator traveling the world with a sex positive message that is entertaining, informative and energizing. Dr. Neil is a favored lecturer on university campuses and a faculty member at Denver Family Institute, the leading marriage and family therapy school in the Rocky Mountains. Dr. Neil Cannon has a Doctoral degree in Human Sexuality, a Masters degree in Public Health and certification in marriage and family therapy. Dr. Neil is also the co-host of The Sex & Intimacy Show.