Jennifer Freed: Author, educator, poet, psychotherapist, astrologer

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Living Green episode 49: Sexual Wisdom & Astrology: Jennifer Freed

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Jennifer Freed is an author, an educator, a poet, a psychotherapist, a radio personality, and a renowned astrologer. She also paints, dances, and swims with dolphins.

Her writing has appeared in Santa Barbara’s THE INDEPENDENT, and the regional magazine DESTINATION WINE COUNTRY. She has co-authored the book THE ULTIMATE PERSONALITY GUIDE published by Tarcher Putnam (2001). She is the lead author on a series of educational workbooks entitled “BECOME YOUR BEST SELF” published by In Depth Press 2008 and she writes NEW MOON poems to a monthly email subscriber list of personal clients.

Jennifer has been on GOOD MORNING AMERICA, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS AND MEN ARE FROM MARS and numerous local KEYT TV interviews. She has been a guest NPR, AIR AMERICA, SIRRIUS RADIO, and regional radio throughout the country.

Jennifer has been a popular professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute for 20 years, and she has been the Co-Director of a highly successful teen program called THE ACADEMY OF HEALING ARTS for teens. This program serves 600 families annually in the state of California. She also was the founder of the statewide program called THE MEDIA PROJECT which worked with teens to produce media products for the prevention of drugs and violent offenses.

Additionally, Jennifer is a renowned psychological astrologer with clients from all over the country and the world. She is the director of Astrological Counseling Seminars which has provided classes to over a thousand students. She has also maintained a clinical practice in Santa Barbara serving individuals, couples, and families for 26 years. Learn more about Jennifer's talk show, Freed Up on Voice America here.