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Beauty Now episode 61: Susie Shina: Top Fitness Expert Shares Her Tips For Success

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Let me tell you about me... First, let's go way back...

I’m Susie Shina and I’ve never had a problem having a good time. I sort of skated through my youth, never having to work really hard for anything. I wasn’t popular, was never a cheerleader or anything... but was definitely able to have as much fun as possible anywhere, anytime. I went to Alabama - big party school and just did my thing for 5 years. After graduating, I took some job and had a great time - the money was sad but I traveled the country and had a blast. Anyhoo, I had a dinner party one night and this guy Mike showed up - we married 2 months later - best thing I’ve ever done.

Ok, here comes the part where things change...

I suddenly had a burning desire to have a baby. We had sex every single day until I got pregnant - good stuff. So I’m pregnant and it’s not fun. I gained soooo much weight and waddled around with my big butt - ugh. Of course it was totally worth it - my first born son is spectacular! That being said, he ruined my body. For real. I weighed over 200lbs, stretch marks everywhere and just unsexy, miserable and not fun.

I tried to diet and exercise but it didn’t really work. When I got pregnant again - oops - it was actually a relief! So here comes my second son - looooove him! Once again, body wrecked, un-fun and now I’m depressed - clinical post-partum. What the hell?! I felt so guilty about not loving motherhood. I loved my kids, I knew I was supposed to be happy but I was miserable. I felt isolated, trapped and completely dissatisfied. Sad on the outside, sadder on the inside.

So what did I do? I joined a gym - they had a nursery and I could finally get some ‘me-time’. Whew! Best thing I ever did was start working out.

That was the start of my new life...

Because I’m a genius (LOL), I figured out this really efficient way to lose 60 lbs. Then every woman I knew wanted to know how I did it - because, for real, I went from completely disgusting to incredibly hot and fun - fast - this is now the renowned 60 Second Circuits technique. So with everyone asking me to help them get in shape, I decided I should be a fitness trainer. Then I find out that no gym wants to hire someone to work 3 hours a day - So, I started my own fitness company. I completely dedicated myself to helping other moms get it back. That was the beginning of my mom-entrepreneur days!

So this is me now...

In just a couple of years, I went from stay-home mom to mom-entrepreneur. Fully focused on growing a business, writing books, leading workshops, developing projects, I had success on my mind... I’m a spokesperson, a regular guest on national television, radio shows and contribute to women’s magazines, too. Passion for my business comes easy - I know you know what I’m talking about! I just love having a good time and refused to let the other part of my life slide - so I tried to find balance. I actually hate saying ‘balance’ - it sounds forced, like settling.

So I took steps to put passion, not just find balance, into the other side of my life - the sex, the relationships, the kids, the self-image, everything. And that’s what I do now... and I love it!

So, with all the fitness and nutrition certifications and degrees, the life time experience of making life fun and knowing what it’s like to have that burning desire for success - yep, I’ve taken all that and developed a system that works for all mom-entrepreneurs to have passion for what they do and how they live.

That’s me - nice to meet you!

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