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Family History episode 41: A Special Announcement & Stories from the Genealogy Blogosphere

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In Episode 69 of the Genealogy Gems Podcast I featured a blogger reading one of their favorite blog posts (and my favorite for that matter) for the first time on the show.  Lee Drew read his post My Mother Was A Quilter – the charming story of his early years growing up in a family of quilting women, and how his life hasn’t changed that much because he is surrounded by them today with his own wife, daughters and daughter-in-laws.

Lee Drew has searching for his ancestors for fifty-five years, starting when he was just five years old and could write long words in letters to distant relatives asking for any info they had on their family and ancestors.  Today, his genealogy data and digital genealogy photos, documents and research notes require about 3 TB of storage space!

Today Lee is as busy as ever with his genealogy research, including maintaining several family history related websites including his famhist.com website about that family he is continually discovering, the famhist blog and his Lineagekeeper blog all about his ancestors, their diaries and letters.