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Sex - Tantra and Kama Sutra episode 87: EDUCATING YOUR SEXUAL LIFE with Heather Simonson

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With a background in Counseling and Higher Education Heather Simonson, LMSW, is a family life and sexuality educator with over 10 years experience. She earned her Masters Degree in Social Work from Stony Brook University in New York. Heather is a trainer, counselor and consultant in the areas of sexuality, youth development, curriculum design and counseling.   She has provided trainings throughout the United States, presented at national conferences and has reached thousands of youth-serving professionals, adolescents and parents, as well as individuals and couples to help increase their knowledge of sexuality and intimacy. Heather’s mission is to help build the foundation for all people to embrace sexuality in a healthy and positive lite.  

Before becoming a consultant, Heather was the Director of Training and Education for Planned Parenthood of Nassau County, where she established the agency’s first parent education and training program. She also oversaw their award winning prevention-through-the-arts peer education program, as well as the male involvement and Latino outreach programs.  

While sexuality education has always been her passion, her motivation now is to brighten the hope for her daughter’s future. This has lead her to creating Parent Education programs, giving parents and their children the skills to create a stronger connection to be able to talk openly about anything. Mobilizing and empowering parents to become advocates for Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is also a vital part of her mission. In conjunction, working on the legislative level is key. Heather also collaborates with Family Planning Advocates on bringing CSE to the forefront of our youth’s health curricula. 

Heather’s work as a sexuality educator, along with her training in social work, enables her to use a truly holistic perspective. Using a model that addresses each aspect of self not only helps to ensure sexual health but overall well-being. In an effort to entwine eastern and western derived techniques, Heather is a Yoga Ed.™ instructor and tantra teacher. After 10 years of practice, Heather incorporates yoga and tantra into her teachings to increase resiliency as well as the health and success of our kids, our families and our communities.  Heather has studied tantra with Dr. Judy Kuriansky, Laurie Handlers, Charles and Caroline Muir, and Carla Tarantola

After years of research on this integrative approach, Heather’s work has now been published in a new book on Sexuality Education and is the co-author of “EMPOWER NOW! An innovative holistic Workshop for Empowerment in Life Skills and Sexuality for youth.”