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Buddhist Geeks episode 134: The Erotic Embrace of Life and Meditation

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Vidyuddeva is a Zen Priest and Biblical Mystic whose tantric teachings cultivate three unique expressions of Enlightenment: Suchness, Spirit, and Self-Story. In Vidyuddeva’s professional work, he guides corporate executives and business leaders in the discipline of approaching their lives as the raw material from which to sculpt their passionate purpose into the art of joyful service and stewardship. In partnership with Stagen Institute, he is pioneering new integral practice designs and methodologies that engage all aspects of life in the recognition that God’s glory is the human being fully alive.

Vidyuddeva began studying Buddhism in 1994 and was ordained by Steve Hagen in 1999. He is a teacher within Integral Spiritual Center and iEvolve: Global Practice Community and partners with spiritual teachers from several of the world's Eastern and Western religious traditions as well as thought leaders in various fields.  He continues in a committed and in-depth engagement of the Kabbalah with Marc Gafni. He has taught evolutionary enlightenment and the world’s wisdom traditions in settings as diverse as universities and yoga studios, and has served communities as a consultant and speaker at high schools, religious organizations, and prisons.  In his hometown of Minneapolis he founded and helmed a celebratory community of contemplation.

Vidyuddeva brings extensive training in meditative and contemplative disciplines as well as the somatic arts and body vitality, including dance, theater, martial arts and qi gong, and is a certified in Western Rehabilitative massage and Shiatsu. He incorporates into his work the yoga of Gendlin’s Focusingmethod, Jung’s Active Imagination, the principles of Non-Violent Communication, Hakomi psychotherapeutic engagement, Action Learning, and Voice Dialogue. He is committed to the marriage of theory and practice, and in addition to the ancient and modern texts of Biblical mysticism, Zen, Taoism, and Tantra, he is particularly informed by the insights of integral theory, polarity management, constructivist-development, process philosophy, as well as archetypal, Jamesian, transpersonal, and depth psychology.

Vidyuddeva’s work is grounded in the incarnational revelation, embodiment and evolution of God’s presence through Human Being. He is devoted to the heartfelt embodiment of realizing and celebrating the fullest expression of our being as rooted within the artful awareness of the living present. This heartfelt embodiment embraces the disturbances in our life and, through this embrace, consciously cares for and liberates them as the utmost fulfillment of our life’s playful purpose and passionate presence. This path illuminates Unity as distinction without division, emphasizing and celebrating the centrality of heart, the primacy of being, and the essentiality of awareness.