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Family History episode 39: Family History Blogging Part 2

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Denise Levenick is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara in Comparative Literature and Medieval Studies, she has an M.A. from Claremont Graduate School in English with an emphasis in American Literature. Denise is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the National Council Teachers of English, the American Literature Association, and the Southern California Genealogical Society

Denise, a native Californian, has worked as an editor and journalist since publishing a neighborhood newspaper in grade school and has taught both journalism and literature in Pasadena schools for 19 years, so it’s no wonder that she took to blogging.

The Family Curator also moonlights as Miss Penelope Dreadful, writing old-fashioned "penny dreadful" tales for a weekend column at Shades of the Departed. The column began when footnoteMaven published an intriguing photograph Found Behind the Freezer and wondered at the story behind the image; Denise commented with a short tale, and Penny Dreadful was born. Stories run from the silly to the sublime, to the supernatural, although Miss Dreadful considers herself quite a serious journalist. The August installment promises to be a romantic fishing story about the catch that nearly got away.