Inara de Luna: Founder of the Temple of the Red Lotus

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Sex - Tantra and Kama Sutra episode 85: ANCIENT EROTIC WISDOM - WORLD SACRED SEX with Francesca Gentille

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Founder of the Temple of the Red Lotus, Inara de Luna has been a practicing Qadishtu priestess (Priestess of Sacred Sexuality) for almost 10 years. Inara runs an online discussion group on sacred sexuality and has presented workshops and classes on yoga, breath work, sacred sexuality, relationships, teenage sex education, menstruation reclamation, and Native American drumming/singing across the country. She is also working toward licensure as a Marital & Family Therapist, and has been coaching individuals and couples on sex, intimacy and relationships for several years. Inara is a published author, with articles and poetry appearing in The Common People magazine, Atlanta Rising magazine and the Carolina Spirit Quest newsletter. She created an intensive Qadishtu Training Program, and has been the High Priestess of the Temple of the Red Lotus for 5 years. The Temple of the Red Lotus is an organization devoted to promoting and practicing sacred sexuality and the Qadishtu path.