Kyra Reed: Author and Co-Founder, MarKyr Media

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DishyMix episode 175: Kyra Reed, Markyr on Community Development, Integrated Microcosms, Tweet Reach

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Kyra Reed possesses more than 15 years of experience in Marketing and Social Media. Prior to forming MarKyr Media, Kyra was a New Media Consultant working with clients such as Little Radio, The Monterey Pop Festival, Unsigned Artists, MoPo Productions, The Upsidedown and many other Los Angeles-based independent bands.

Kyra has held Director of Marketing positions at Playback Systems, Norde-Oust, and Turn Events. She was also the Director of Business Development at Amp Studios. Kyra is an avid film lover. She was co-founder of the Ground Floor Cinema, a monthly film festival dedicated to honoring local Pacific Northwest filmmakers.

Kyra is the author of Blog 101, a beginners guide to blogging. Her passionate writings on Social Media PR and Marketing can be found both on her personal blog, and Blog 101.