Julia Tindall: Author of "Your Presence is Enough"

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Sex, Love and Intimacy episode 93: Julia Tindall: Awakening Heart Consciousness

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Julia hails from England and moved to the US in 1989. She has lived in Sacramento ever since and teaches regular yoga classes and workshops at the Shakti Temple.

In 1994 her comfortable suburban life fell apart. She got divorced, went bankrupt and lost her house all in one year. It was then that she met her yogi and started seriously the study of yoga, in the Standing Wave tradition.

She led her first retreat weekend in 1992, to Lake Tahoe and her first yoga vacation in 1994 to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Since then Julia had become one of the most prolific retreat leaders in the country, offering the student a wide variety of week-long and weekend events in beautiful places around the world.

Julia expanded her yogic practice beyond hatha yoga and became passionate about jnana yoga. It was this self-inquiry that helped her pull her life back together. She started running jnana yoga groups in 1999 and developed her own systematic approach to the subject. Influenced by Gangaji and Leslie Temple-Thurston, Julia went on to write her own book on jnana yoga, "20 Questions for Enlightened Living" and develop a Jnana Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Julia is above all a heart-centered person and was naturally drawn to the path of tantra yoga. She did teacher training with Margo Anand and has taught her own brand of Tantra to ecstatic students since 2001.