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Buddhist Geeks episode 121: The Great Work of Western Magick

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Alan Chapman is a human being who decided to become enlightened and did. He often wonders why so many others don't do the same, considering enlightenment is our birthright and the most profound and beautiful thing we can do for ourselves and each other.  Alan thinks enlightenment is very much like becoming a parent: it is absolutely mind-blowing and life changing, but at the same time ordinary and a possibility for everyone, regardless of race, culture, sexual orientation, geographical location or religious belief; the only difference is, childbirth is openly discussed in a sane and honest manner within our contemporary global culture. With this in mind, Alan recently begun the Open Enlightenment project in order to remedy the situation.

Alan Chapman became enlightened using the Western tradition of enlightenment known as Magick. For several years, Alan has maintained The Baptist's Head website with his colleague Duncan Barford, where a record of their experiences with magick and the process of enlightenment – known as the Great Work to magicians – can be found, alongside numerous essays, podcasts and articles on the Western tradition. Alan is author of the magical primer Advanced Magick for Beginners.