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Sex - Tantra and Kama Sutra episode 83: WILD ATTRACTION - Become Your Lover's Catnip with Paul & Patricia Richards

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Patricia Richards, co-founder and co-owner of the Senté Center, was born in the Chicago area and moved to the West Coast in her late teens in order to attend the University of California. In 1992, Paul recognized Patricia's inherent perceptual ability and chose her as his protégé. Their work together is rich and uniquely interactive.

Patricia is an energetic Seer and trainer who is highly skilled at translating Paul’s intricate material into accessible and relevant language. An exceptionally gifted coach, she is able to find the complexity level and the approach that is most advantageous for each client.

Prior to studying Senté, Patricia was a successful nurse practitioner and certified nurse midwife who earned degrees from Southern Oregon University and the University of Arizona. During the 1980s, she delivered hundreds of babies in a busy, high risk medical center as well as provided prenatal and women’s health care to many. In 1990, she moved from acute care into college health and worked as a nurse practitioner at the Southern Oregon University Health Center for eleven years.

Patricia's rich experience in medicine, as well as her avid interest in relationship dynamics and sexuality, brings a warmth and dynamism to her work at the Senté Center. She is known for her fun-loving and spicy approach to Energetics. Her individual sessions and workshops are popular opportunities for powerful change.

Patricia is co-author of the provocative relationship book, Wild Attraction The Energetic Facts of Life. She is a dynamic presentor on the popular audio course, Through the Eyes of a Seer.

In addition to sharing her love of energetic perception, Patricia enjoys the practice of yoga. She is currently pursuing the art form of Japanese calligraphy and Sumi-e brush painting.

Paul Richards, The Founder of Senté

Paul Richards is the founder and co-owner of the Senté Center, which maintains offices in the northwestern United States and New Zealand. Paul exhibited pronounced non-ordinary perceptual ability as a child. He was able, among other things, to accurately describe future incidents, to identify and locate lost people and objects, and to discern the unspoken thoughts and feelings of others. During the 1970s he participated in a pilot study of what was then termed extrasensory perception at the UCLA Neuropsychology Laboratory. He later undertook seven years of intense training in Energetic Seeing, an academically rigorous private tradition of non-ordinary perception. A few years later, while living in New Zealand, he attracted the attention of a third set of personal mentors who trained him in advanced consciousness and mastery of attention.

Paul’s interpretation of the art of Seeing has been influenced by his success in other fields, such as aerospace engineering and management, writing, and martial arts. By the early 1980s as these influences converged, he began to create what eventually became formalized as the Senté body of work. Senté is a massive codification of the art of healthy Energetic Seeing developed by Paul as a personal tool for the advanced study of non-ordinary perception and extraordinary human performance. In spite of his reluctance to be in the public eye, Paul decided to form the Senté Center in 1992, when he agreed to train a small group of close friends who were drawn to his approach, in part because of its unique attention to detail. By the end of the decade, thousands of people had experienced Senté training, coaching, consulting, and energy work.

Paul emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy, grounded, and engaged personal life while on the Seeing path. He describes the psychic perceptions at which he excels as “interesting but of perhaps only modest relative importance”and often states that what he treasures are the broad and deep forms of attention and consciousness that lead to remarkable states of being. Paul’s path has led him toward what he calls the loss of individuation and separation, and to the direct experience of what he often describes as allness, or simply, the Mystery.

Paul is a former aerospace executive and high-reliability program manager. He contributed technology to the space shuttle, the Keck telescope, and the Supercollider Project and was granted a patent on a circuit board production technique for advanced space-borne systems. Paul has raised five children, written a number of successful published works, and is a graduate of the University of California at San Diego. He has earned black belts in two forms of traditional Japanese karate and is an avid diver, sailor, and tennis player.