Judith Eccles Wight BA, AG: Professional Genealogist

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Family History episode 21: Bruce Buzbee, Irish Research Expert & A Chance to Win!

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Judith graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in Family and Community History and a minor in English. Both have served her well in her career. Mrs. Wight has been a professional genealogist since 1973 with extensive research experience in U.S., Canada, Australia, Ireland, England, and Scotland. Her Accredited Genealogist or AG credentials include Ireland (as of 1979), Australia (1996) and Scotland (1998). In addition to professional research, she has taught or lectured at numerous genealogical seminars or conferences throughout the United States and Canada.

From May of 1990 until March of 2001 Judith worked as a British Reference Consultant at the Family History Library and also served three years as director of the Sandy, Utah East Stake Family History Center. Prior to going to work at the Family History Library, she volunteered and helped coordinate volunteers at the Family History Center at Brigham Young University. Judith is a past board member of the Utah Genealogical Association and currently serves as a Commissioner for ICAPGen (The International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists).

Articles she has written have appeared in the "Utah Genealogical Association Journal," "Ancestry Newsletter" and "Ancestry Magazine," "Everton's Family History Magazine," "Irish Roots," "The Irish at Home and Abroad" (she served as technical advisor for this periodical), "The Scottish Genealogist," "The Journal of American Family Records," "Shemot," the Jewish periodical for the British Isles, and "Heritage Quest" magazine. She also wrote two chapters for How to Trace Your Ancestors to Europe (Hugh T. Law, editor), compiled "A Rose By Any Other Name: A Guide to Irish Christian Names," and helped write the "Research Outline: Ireland," "Research Outline: Australia," and "Jewish Research Outline" for the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.