LiOr Jacob: Founder and Executive Director of Passion University

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Sex - Tantra and Kama Sutra episode 74: CORE PASSION: Make Love to the Fire with LiOr Jacob

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LiOr Jacob is the founder and Executive Director of Passion University. His responsibilities include programs coordination, course development, training, student counseling, information systems, and administration.

LiOr has been the principal developer of Passion Training and its integration with holistic health and education. As Passion University's CIO, he directs Passion's eLearning and administration systems, Passion Life Map, and the Holistic Directory.

LiOr has a B.S. in Mathematics from Maharishi University, Fairfield, IA, and M.S. in Computer Science with specialization in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Illinois, Chicago, IL.

At Maharishi University LiOr participated in experiential research on altered states of consciousness. He developed a brain wave measuring device that scientifically validated the concept of collective consciousness. While a graduate student at UIC, LiOr served as a crisis counsler for the InTouch Hotline.

LiOr Jacob has worked and consulted to numerous companies in the Silicon Valley in the areas of artificial intelligence, expert systems, eLearning, and knowledge engineering. As a Knowledge Engineer at Syntelligence, LiOr developed Expert Systems. For Apple he developed PenLite, the first tablet computer, and was the lead developer of AppleLink CD, one of the first online robots in 1993. He also served on the board of directors of the Software Development Forum, and as the director of the Artificial Intelligence Association, Palo Alto, CA.

At National University, San Jose, CA, LiOr served as an adjuct faculty at the Computer Science Dept. While his academic background was in AI and eLearning, LiOr's courses were popular among students, and he was asked by the university to teach courses in related areas. Over 12 years LiOr has taught twenty different academic courses to thousands of students.

LiOr has studied and developed original work in the areas of yoga, dance, breathwork, shamanism, tantra, and aquatic healing . He also served as a cantor at several synagogues in Israel and in the U.S., and an intern at the Human Awareness Institute.

LiOr has been a social and environmental activist world-wide. In Israel he guided Dance for Peace events, attended by thousands of Jews and Arabs who gather in nature to dance, celebrate their passion, and share their compassion.

LiOr lives at the Passion Temple in Hayward, CA, implementing the principles of passionate living on a daily basis.