Juliet Carr: Founder and Practitioner of Tender Loving Touch

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Sex - Tantra and Kama Sutra episode 71: FULL BODY BLISS WITH TENDER LOVING TOUCH: THE PLAY NOT JUST FOREPLAY with Juliet Carr

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TENDER LOVING TOUCH.....Touch as THE Play Not as Foreplay

TENDER LOVING TOUCH focuses on slow, gentle, nurturing touch from head to toe letting the recipient relax into an altered state. It shows couples how not only to receive, but to give erotic pleasure that is an end in itself, not a prelude to genital sex. I've been sharing TENDER LOVING TOUCH with women, men and couples for 15 years as clients and in presentations and workshops.


My interest in sharing my discoveries of the relationship between ecstasy and healing was motivated by a life long struggle with chronic illnesses and has made me a trailblazer in the field of sexual spirituality. Through touch, movement and words, I inspire women and men to broaden their concept of the erotic and to integrate sensual and sexual pleasure into their everyday lives. I am recognized as a "Pioneer On The Erotic Frontier".

For over 40 years I have lived in several countries and have had a variety of professions: teacher, writer, lecturer, photographer, radio program producer, communication specialist and film and video producer/director/ actress AKA Juliet Anderson. In 1985 I became a Certified Massage Therapist and shortly thereafter created the unique and immediately popular Tender Loving Touch (above). I live and work in Berkeley, CA.

I have appeared on radio and TV talk shows, have been interviewed by major newspapers and magazines and contributed to two books on the integration of sexuality and spirituality: The New Sexual Healers: Women of the Light (1994) and The Red Thread of Passion (1999).

I was inducted into the Erotic Legend's Hall of Fame (1997), produced and directed the popular "Ageless Desire" - Great Sex For Couples Over 50 (1998) and in 2001 was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Free Speech Coalition for my contribution to the Adult Entertainment Industry including the introduction of Nina Hartley.