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Sex - Tantra and Kama Sutra episode 63: TOOLS FOR YOUR EROTIC REVOLUTION with Anna Marti

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Anna Marti, an intimacy coach in Portland, OR. for the past 20 years, is passionate about supporting men and women of all ages, all orientations, alone or partnered towards creating new and practical maps towards a vibrant and nourishing erotic connection with themselves and the world. Along with a private practice and mentoring, she is a featured speaker at conferences and universities, providing a bridge between esoteric ‘tantric’ teaching and western psychotherapeutic and somatic practices that are congruent with personal values. Teachers and influences include (but not limited to) Daniel Odier, David Deida, Sunyata Saraswati, Bodhi Avinasha, Joseph Kramer, Naka-Ima and every moment alive. As an ‘erotic evangelist’, she comes to this work in the hope that more love in the world be generated, with a deep intention that it become a more pleasurable, vibrant and peaceful place to live.