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Sex, Love and Intimacy episode 77: Julia Allison & Mary Rambin: Meet the Women of

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Mary Rambin, Co-Founder of NonSociety, began her career in lifecasting as a fashion blogger. Chronicling her daily outfits and the products she loved didn’t garner her immediate attention in the blogosphere, however her colorful commentary and distinct personality did.

Three and half years before starting NonSociety, after graduating from the University of Southern California (with distinction, early!), Rambin began her career in fashion as a handbag designer. The birth of Moë Designs, Inc. introduced her first design, the CLICK bag. The bag quickly became a celeb and press favorite for its unique and functional design. While creating new styles, Rambin also reinvents her signature CLICK in different textures and fabrics, keeping the construction as fresh as the utility. Moë has been on the prestigious shelves in over 100 stores worldwide-including Bloomingdale’s, Henri Bendel, Searle, Madison, and Tootsies.

As Moë gained notoriety, Rambin followed suit, emerging as both a fashionista and a staple in the LA and NYC social circuits. Her accomplishments found her on the set of One Ocean View, a primetime ABC reality show depicting the lives of working Manhattanites who vacation on Fire Island. Although the show failed, Rambin persevered and used the PR to gain momentum. In December of 2007, friend and colleague Julia Allison convinced Rambin that many people would be interested in her daily outfits. For Christmas, Allison gifted Rambin a blog. Thousands of clicks later, Rambin learned that not only was her style appreciated, but also her opinion.