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Sex, Love and Intimacy episode 75: Ian Coburn: Lunch Is NOT a Date!

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Voted "Sweetest Guy" in high school (you might as well not have a penis with that label), comedian Ian Coburn embarked on a mission to learn about women and improve his success. He went through every male phase--nice guy, player, bad boy, jerk, and finally good guy. In the end, what he found most was a much happier and balanced himself.

Ian shares his hilarious misadventures and lessons learned in his best selling book "God is a Woman: Dating Disasters," dubbed the "new dating bible" by many readers and also available in Russian (rare for the genre).

The book has earned Ian recognition as an expert and columnist for a variety of places, including Lifetime and TheBachelorGuy.com. Learn more at www.lunchisnotadate.com.