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Sex, Love and Intimacy episode 74: Rebecca Deos: A Chat With A Courtesan

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I am 41 years old, married with three great teenage daughters. I have been married for close to 21 years, and we still enjoy each others

Starting when I was in my late twenties, we became a little more explorative in out relationship.It was a very loving, organic process, not one based on a void or problems in our relationship. We simply felt we were each other's best friend, and wanted to support each other in some exploration and fantasy.

We began attending a local swingers group which was quite social, and hosted many non-sexual events like picnics, barbeques, etc. While we did explore, we very much enjoyed the open social aspect of the people we met. It was a very welcoming and open group of people, more open and honest talk of relationships, desires, and fantasies. Even the way women treated each other was much more supportive and accepting than I had encountered in my regular routine. There was no cattiness or back talking between women.

After awhile, I became friendly with a gentleman who ran a private organization of men who traveled and enjoyed companionship. Most of the men were in a similar situation, where his wife not only knew of this, but was supportive. They had different tastes, and to her, it was a great relief for her husband to have a companion that she could trust, but also
entertain her husband in his hobbies and interests that she did not

So began my training and experience working more of a courtesan. I began by spending 6 weeks in a house in South Florida with 6 other girls, and two professional courtesans who taught us the basics of companionship.

During this time, I had 3 children and a husband at home. Before leaving, there were many late night/early morning discussions on our relationship, trust, honesty, sex and intimacy.

This went on for many years. I would be asked to attend a convention or event out of town, and be gone for 2 to 7 days. After many years, it
began to get stale, so I left.

For a few years, I was a manager for an adult store chain, one that specialized in women, with brghtly lit stores and upbeat music. It was
different than many stores who typically are dimly lit with papered windows.

I also spent some time working as an escort, working off my past experience as a courtesan. That was actually fun, and in many ways, easier than beng a courtesan. It was less demanding in many ways.

A few months ago, someone where I lived found my escort site, and passed the link around town. It was quite interesting how I was treated and by whom. In any type of sex work, there are many opinions coming from many points of view. Some people who I taught would have been supportive were not, and looking back, while they are feminist and progressive, they are not the type of feminist that supports sex work.

I do keep my escort site up, but only because it houses my blog, and it houses my Rebecca brand. The site is slowly becoming my communication center for all my projects, including, which is a
store and site I am developing to try to take some of the lessons I have learned and share them with women.