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Family History episode 13: Online Family Trees Part 2

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Scott Huskey, a graduate of the University of Portland, is a pioneer in the micro-computer field: he began avidly programming his home-built 8080 computer in 1976, and went on to found Huskey Engineering in the early 1980’s.  As a sophomore in college, Scott created the animated strategy computer game "FLIP-OUT," produced for the Apple II computer in 1983, and soon after created, developed and programmed "SHOOT THE MOON” – the first retail “True 3-D” full-color computer game for the Atari ST.

A 19-year veteran of Intel Corporation, Scott began his career as a Graphics Software Engineer, focusing on “ease of use” improvements for retail products in the personal computer market.  Scott notes that one of the most important lessons he learned in his many years as an Intel Program Manager was to value the customer, and to strive to develop product solutions based what users actually want and need.

Scott caught the family history bug over 15 years ago, and has since dedicated a tremendous amount of time and expertise to helping his own family and others gather and preserve their family history; indexing old records, scanning countless images and documents, and serving as a Family History Center consultant.

Scott brings it all together at Photoloom.  His techno-pioneering spirit, his user-centered design philosophy, his outstanding project management experience, and his dedication to preserving family history all combine in perfect balance – to create Family Photoloom.