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Sex, Love and Intimacy episode 72: Peter Sandhill: Expanding Men's Emotional Literacy

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Peter Sandhill comes from Sydney, Australia. He is a personal development workshop leader, coach, counselor and educator. His passion is to assist people in seeing their own inner power, innate beauty and potential by guiding them to have incredible lives filled with love and possibility. 

Peter facilitates the acclaimed and transformational ‘Love, Intimacy & Sexuality’ workshops for the Human Awareness Institute (HAI) in USA, Europe, UK, Canada and Australia. He has a Master’s degree in International Management and has lived-worked in Japan, Australia and the US.

He has been involved in the men’s movement in Australia and the United States for most of his adult life. The Joy of Being a Man workshop is his own creation and is offered in USA, Australia and England.

He lives in Northern California with his amazing wife, Sarah, and adorable son, Jeremy.