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Just For Women episode 65: Leslie Rice, Relationship Expert: Celebrating Men and Sex

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A born and bred Californian, Leslie’s artistic muse, propensity for the stage, and passion for transformational training, have taken her from one end of the state to the other, with many stops in between.

Raised in Thousand Oaks, Leslie must have been fond of trees as she chose proximity to the redwoods and Humboldt State University for her higher education studies. Though she initially focused on art and graphic design, Leslie changed course and her degree in international relations was awarded by San Francisco State. Along the journey from the North Coast to the Bay Area, Leslie found ample opportunity to express her creative talents employed as a graphic designer and appearing on-stage as a dancer. San Francisco was where Leslie discovered Landmark Education, ultimately joining the headquarters staff and also volunteering as a course supervisor.

Her passion for transformation brought Leslie to a Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women workshop in 2002. Leslie knew immediately that she was destined to lead workshops for PAX, and joined the company as a Workshop Manager, a role which clearly suited Leslie as she earned the title of National Production Manager only nine months later. In 2006 Leslie fulfilled her destiny and began leading PAX workshops. When she’s not in front of a room full of adoring women, Leslie channels her energies into PAX’s growth as its Chief Operating Officer.

She also leads popular workshops Celebrating Men & Sex and Understanding Women: Unlock the Mystery.