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The New Man episode 40: Tripp and Casey: The Best of Season 1

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Casey Capshaw is Producer and part-time co-host of The New Man podcast. He is passionate about helping men live life to the fullest, and is happy to offer challenge and encouragement along the way. He hes been a member of a men's group for over a year, and facilitates a second men's group in Boulder, CO.

Casey has made the search for truth and meaning his life's work, exploring extremes both in the world and in the world of the psyche. Whether it's backpacking Europe, commercial fishing in Alaska, surfing in Costa Rica or living in an RV in a ski town; he has always questioned the status quo and followed his passion for adventure.

In his day job Casey is an Online Marketing and New Media consultant, helping clients grow their business using emerging tools and technologies. The New Man Podcast is one of many projects he is cultivating, pushing the envelop and re-inventing learning and entertainment online.