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Just For Women episode 62: Jordan Harbinger, Relationship Coach with The Art of Charm on Love, The Kiss, and The Modern Gentleman

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Born to an Engineer and a Teacher out of Ann Arbor, MI, Jordan Harbinger seemed destined for great things. But after his scores left him just under the mark for acceptance in the University Of Michigan School Of Law he decided to cultivate his persuasion skills and immediately talked his way into Michigan Law. His obsession with social influence began then as he attempted to dissect his newly discovered natural ability to lead and persuade.

He stumbled upon the world of Social Dynamics during his studies as a law student and shortly thereafter began his search for the best in this field. After starting Pickup Podcast, a Relationship Advice and Social Dynamics interview podcast in 2006 with co-host AJ Harbinger, he began instructing students as an on-call instructor in his free time but found there was a strong need for progression in the industry.

Once he graduated in the top third of his class he pursued his dream to become a lawyer on Wall Street. He was accepted to a top tier firm in NYC but had yet to find the powerful Social Dynamists that he was looking for until his search brought him to Johnny Dzubak. After serendipity, astronomical brokerage fees, and the obvious need for a sense of integrity in the industry, he quit his Wall Street job to form The Art Of Charm.

Jordan’s razor sharp business sense, extensive knowledge of the industry, and innovative knowledge of the material soon led him to receive some of the highest recognitions in the industry of Social Dynamics.