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Just For Women episode 61: Kim Ellington, Art of Charm Relationship Coach, teaches women to bare their naked soul!

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Kim's path toward social dynamics began in Chapel Hill, NC while in service industry management during college. She created classes to teach fellow employees how to overcome their social weaknesses to become more successful at interacting with the public. Her success in her own business led to invitations for her to teach at other places as well, and then to other industries such as insurance and retail sales.

Working closely with people to teach them how to interact effectively with others led her to discover that quite often the issue holding people back from success was their own feelings of inadequacy or inferiority. The more she was able to get them to identify and change their own limiting beliefs and behaviors, the easier the path became to change other areas of their lives, both professional and personal. Kim discovered that social dynamics was her true passion in life and has been happily working with The Art of Charm to successfully coach both men and women to achieve their goals both personally and professionally. Kim is the creator and lead instructor for The Art of Charm’s Creating Your Feminine Charm.