Sarah Sandhill: Sex Educator & Workshop Facilitator

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Sex, Love and Intimacy episode 65: Sarah Sandhill: Women’s Journey into Sexuality

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Sarah Sandhill has been a sex educator & workshop facilitator for 15+ years. She has been proudly leading workshops for the Human Awareness Institute (HAI), She has also been a lecturer and health care provider.

Sarah is a counselor and has trained in various modalities including Process Therapy.

Sarah works with women to help them educate each other about female sexuality and opening to fuller expression and enjoyment of their birthright as women.

Sarah is deeply committed to assisting women in discovering their value, beauty, and dignity.

Her ”All About Sex” workshop is a place for women to experience a level of safety that allows them to open and expand their spirituality and sexuality. By sharing with each other, women learn to understand their history and use it to create a positive future, breaking free of controlling patterns that no longer serve and choosing new, healthier, ones.