Cath Madden Trindle: Certified Genealogist

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Family History episode 2: What Your Relatives Can Tell You

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Cath Madden Trindle is a certified genealogist in the San Francisco Bay area, and a national conference speaker. She earned a Certificate of European Research from BYU, and a Certificate in Genealogical Studies - Libraianship (NIGS.) Cath owned a bookkeeping consultation business for thirty years and is currently Treasurer of the CSGA and the FGS. She writes regular copyright and society strategy solumns for the CSGA newsletter. As Publication Chair for SMCGS she has edited the San Mateo County Naturalization Index Series, the Schellens indexing project, and coauthored the SMCGS Tree Climbing Guides.

Cath, is a first generation Californian, and has limited her client research to Northern California, however, personal research and national speaking engagements also focus on the records of Ireland and Scotland, Canada, Minnesota, and Michigan, and on storytelling.