Oona Mourier: Ph.D.

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Sex, Love and Intimacy episode 62: Oona Mourier: Bedroom Bliss

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OONA MOURIER, Ph.D., is a sexologist in private practice in Sebastopol, CA. She is the co-author of "9 Secrets to Bedroom Bliss" called the most unusual sex manual of this time by the New York Post.

An explorer of the many faces of the Self, a shaman, a wise woman, a visionary, a trickster and an entrepreneur, she has devoted her life to the exploration of the Mystery. Her innovative mind has led her to create new paradigms in sexuality, as well as in relationships and business. Oona's career reflects her creative spirit, is shared between her work as a sexologist, teacher, currency trader, business owner and mother. She has been lecturing nationally and teaching workshops on Sexual Archetypes since 1990.