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Aging Gratefully episode 37: Remembering the Truth of Who You Are: Karen Wright

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Educated as an artist and writer, Karen intuitively recognized the presence of greatness buried within chaos and uncertainty. She looked beyond prevailing evidence to uncover the subtle truths that shape our beliefs, behaviors, and realities.

Individuals and corporations call upon Karen's unique skills to inspire magnitudes of change and achieve transformational advances in their capabilities. As a highly valued speaker, author and consultant, Karen shares her knowledge and experience to fulfill her own goal: to awaken minds to new realities.

Karen's wisdom is drawn from persistently risking the mundane for the possibility of magnificence. Her enduring motto is drawn from Marcel Proust's words, "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

"The world we each experience is a product of what we believe we see and what we believe it means. True progress comes not from battling with circumstances, but recognizing that the origin of those circumstances lies within. This is the meaning of new eyes – the world we see and experience is self-made. To change the world, we must change our minds," Karen states.

Clients like the US Attorney General, the US Post Office, and the Departments of Transportation and Social and Health Services have enjoyed and found measurable value in Karen's guidance and inspiration. Whether leading strategic planning meetings, facilitating teams toward revolutionary innovation, or compelling personal transformation in conferences and workshops, Karen holds the space of possibility while clients evolve into deeper and richer realms of truth.

Karen's new book, The Sequoia Seed (2006) was released to a waiting list of hundreds of international buyers and is now in its second printing. This inspirational guide shows the reader how to recognize and overcome personal, sometimes unconscious, self-limitations and see the limitless options just beyond their restrictive beliefs. For the past eight years Karen has also authored and published Waking Up, an internationally-read online ezine focused on shifting sight and releasing potential.