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Aging Gratefully episode 34: Bridging Heart and Marketing: Dr. Judith Sherven and Dr. Jim Sniechowski

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Husband-and-wife psychology team Judith Sherven, Ph.D. and Jim Sniechowski, Ph.D. have discovered the core issue that holds people back from the success they desire. It’s The Fear of Being Fabulous™ and it’s epidemic. Consequently their groundbreaking Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous seminar programs and products have attracted a large and grateful audience.

As the creators of Soft Topic Copywriting, they’ve carved out a new niche in internet marketing with their Soft Topic Copywriting Clinics.

Meanwhile, Judith & Jim are also two of the country's most respected and pioneering authorities on relationship dynamics, including smart dating, wedding planning, and successful marriage.

They are the bestselling authors of Be Loved for Who You Really Are (St. Martin's Press 2003) which followed The New Intimacy (HCI 1997) and Opening to Love 365 Days a Year (HCI 2000). Their fourth book, The Smart Couple's Guide to the Wedding of Your Dreams came out from New World Library, December 2005.

A clinical psychologist, Judith worked in private practice for twenty-two years. Jim holds a doctorate in Human Behavior and co-founded the Men's Health Network in Washington, D.C.

As guest experts, they have appeared on over 1100 television and talk-radio shows including Oprah, The O'Reilly Factor, Canada AM, The View, 48 Hours, The Daily Buzz, MSNBC, and CNN.

They have been interviewed for and published by hundreds of newspapers and magazines including the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, O, Family Circle, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Bride's, Bridal Guide, Glamour, Playboy, Woman's Day, Men's Health, Best Life, Parents Magazine and columnists for Today's Black Woman, Romantic Weddings for Smart Couples, and "me" magazines.

They were both involved in the film industry earlier in their lives. Judith as an actress, Jim as actor, director, and teacher. Now as trainers and motivational speakers, they have been working with live audiences for the last 20 years nationally and internationally.

They understand the challenges men and women face when they suffer from The Fear of Being Fabulous--in their careers, love life, you name it. And Judith & Jim show them the deep unconscious secret that throws open the doors to satisfaction and success in their lives.

More than their extensive professional background, Judith & Jim bring profound personal experience and knowledge to their work. They have had to overcome The Fear of Being Fabulous . . . big time. And they've been married for nineteen years, triumphing in their success together, so they bring hope for almost everyone!