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Sex, Love and Intimacy episode 56: Charla Muller: 365 Nights: A Memoir of Intimacy

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Charla grew up in Asheville, North Carolina which was not the uber-cool, hip place then that it is today. But it was still pretty great. She loves Asheville and would live there in a skinny minute if she and her husband, Brad, could find gainful employment. Since she neither works in artistic metallurgy nor tourism, this is unlikely. Her parents still live in Asheville and Charla prays that this book will not embarrass them or hinder their social life in any way. Her best childhood friend, Missy, lives there, too, and keeps Charla posted on all the good scuttlebutt that comes with a small town pedigree. Charla knows this book will not embarrass her best friend at all and might even increase her social standing in Asheville.

Charla graduated from Asheville High School and the School of Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has worked in the advertising and PR agency business for twenty years, including a stint in NYC at one of the world’s top ten PR agencies and at smaller agencies in Atlanta and Charlotte. She worked on lifestyle accounts like Starbucks Coffee, Anheuser Busch, Hershey, Red Lobster, Bojangles and others. She recently “retired” from the agency business to freelance. This was in the laughable and laudable attempt to have a better work/life balance. She has won several awards in PR and communications. None of them have anything to do with writing.

Today Charla lives in Charlotte with very mellow husband, Brad, and her two fantastically good-natured children. Her brother and his family live in Charlotte, too. Every Sunday night they meet for family dinner.

365 Nights: A Memoir of Intimacy is her first book. While writing this book Charla was amazed at all the people she met or knew who aspire to write a book. She feels incredibly fortunate to have done so and in her fortieth year, no less! Charla plans to write another book. Her family has several ideas for her next book and none of them have to do with sex. Charla feels compelled to oblige.

When Charla is not writing, working for her clients or cooking, she is wondering if she can go another day without unloading the dishwasher or sweeping the kitchen floor (of course, she can!). Charla spends lots of time reading books, scanning cookbooks, planning real and imagined dinner parties, DVRing her favorite shows and drinking wine. She also drives her kids around to their various and sundry extracurricular activities, makes dinner, talks incessantly on her cell phone to her mother or her best friend, Carole, and tries to make time for her husband, Brad.