Ty Gesyuk: Co-founder of "The Integrative Arts Institute"

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Sex - Tantra and Kama Sutra episode 45: RECLAIMING MASCULINE POWER & SEXUALITY with Ty Gesyuk

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Ty Gesyuk has an extensive background in Yoga, meditation dance, massage, martial arts, gymnastics, nutrition, personal training and coaching. He draws from modern and ancient systems of health to teach in simple terms a language of health. His core belief is that health = freedom. After observing people suffer with health concerns and in prison of sorts from their pain he vowed to do something about it.

Since then, Ty has founded three centers of health, taught over a hundred thousand yoga students, massaged at least twenty thousand people, and started a yoga school where he innovated the curriculum to speak to modern times. He also coached hundreds of clients on health and life concerns. His current project is Daka University: a place where men can get empowered around sacred sexuality, health, and wealth.