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Fearless Lover episode 16: Celebrating the Masculine and Feminine with Rajyo Markman and Britta Johnson

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Rajyo Markman was born and educated in England. She is a powerful visionary and a gifted healer. Her own journey has taken her on many paths, teachings and life lessons, including facing death through cancer. She brings a wealth of gifts from her vast spiritual and personal growth background. Since 1990 she has been leading workshops, trainings and retreats all over Europe, America, Australia and Africa.

In 1992 she created a process called “A Celebration of Woman” in which she helps women to heal, embrace and liberate the essential feminine within. In 1997, with her partner Britta Johnson, she co founded “Celebration of Being”, an organization dedicated to the embodiment of our full potential as human beings. She has co created several groundbreaking workshops within Celebration of Being that help men and women heal the relationship between them and open to a sense of God /Goddess within each one of us. Their week long Training “Unwrap your Presence~offer your Gifts” helps people get in touch with their unique gifts, and learn tools and techniques for assisting others in their transformation. In 2006 they co created a seven day Mystic Monastery experience called “The Awakening”, a revolutionary Intensive for people to experience a deeper connection with God, and Oneness with all Beings, beyond all forms and concepts.

Rajyo has been an avid student and teacher of Yoga and Meditation for over thirty years, and is passionate about helping people find peace within, through using Yoga as a tool to deepen meditation. She is a highly trained body worker and is also trained in “Aqua Balancing”, a form of body work in warm water, which helps people discover a place of deep relaxation and healing through being held, massaged and moved in the water both above and below the surface. Rajyo offers personal and group retreats and rites of passage where people can come and experience a multitude of healing modalities as a way of returning to the beauty of their own inner Being.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, she loves to support others in finding balance and alignment with their deepest truth and highest values, and living a life of love, truth, passion, joy and a reconnection to the Sacred in our everyday life.  Her own journey of healing has helped her become especially skilled in working with others going through transition and transformation. She feels that every crisis is actually a call to find a more harmonious way of living. She loves to assist men and women in bringing the sacred into everyday existence whereby our ordinary reality becomes a blessed and mystical dance.