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Fearless Lover episode 16: Celebrating the Masculine and Feminine with Rajyo Markman and Britta Johnson

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Britta Johnson has been working internationally with people in the field of transformation for 20 years. She has a background in social work, family and couple’s therapy, dance and movement, vocal expression, emotional release and life coaching. Her passion is to help people find and live their purpose, potential and aliveness, and to experience the Divine as a day-to-day reality.

Starting in Germany as a social worker in women’s shelters, her path took her through extensive inner and outer journeys to the Far East, towards developing her own meditation, dance, and movement workshops in Canada in the late 80s.

In 1997 she co-founded Celebration of Being in the US with Rajyo, and focused on supporting women to fully own and embrace their beauty and power. From there she went on to facilitate unique intensives for men and women to heal their issues with the opposite sex, and began trainings to help others in bringing their facilitation gifts to the world.

Her latest passions are unique Creativity Awakening workshops, which bring the expressions of dance, voice and theater together with deep inner spiritual work. She also co-created “Devotion- Falling in Love with the Divine”, a spiritual intensive focused on discovering, experiencing and deepening one’s personal connection to God/Sprit/ The Divine.

Her private life coaching practice provides a dynamic and compassionate space for people to look more deeply into their core issues, and to heal and release old wounds and traumas, so they are freed up to create the life that they wish for..

Together Rajyo and Britta help women experience the glory of the feminine. They create a safe, supportive, nurturing and joyful space to come and explore your inner being. Now their work includes men to create healing and harmony between the Masculine and the Feminine.