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Sex, Love and Intimacy episode 51: Barry & Janae Weinhold: Understanding and Healing Co-Dependent Relationships

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  • Founder/Director, The Kindness Campaign (A nationally acclaimed bully prevention program for 600+ schools)
  • United Nations Consultant
  • Founding Co-Director of The Bratislava International Center for Family Studies
  • Professor Emeritus
  • Former Program Chair, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Counseling & Human Services Program

Barry and Janae are lifelong teachers with a world of experience working with children, youth and adults. In addition to almost 60 years combined teaching experience, they have served for over five decades as licensed mental health professionals. Dr. Barry Weinhold is licensed as a psychologist and Dr. Janae Weinhold as a professional counselor. Co-founders of the Carolina Institute for Conflict Resolution & Creative Leadership (CICRCL), they specialize in the areas of developmental psychology, trauma, violence prevention, conflict resolution, cosmologies and consciousness studies. They are the authors or co-authors of 31 books.