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Blogs on this network share common philosophies:

  • Our bloggers are professionals and authorities in their area of expertise
  • Our bloggers never write about products or services for money, they write out of passion and interest
  • Our bloggers focus on truth, authenticity and pushing the edge of what’s known and they share that knowledge
  • Our content is not dumbed-down for main stream media consumption
  • If we make a mistake, we correct it
  • Our blogs are good companions to our audio programming. If you like the show, try the blog and vice versa.

While most blog networks are tech, politics or gossip-based, we are focused on transformative content for your personal life – a refreshing change!

Here is our current offering with more added as we grow.

Current Blogs

Adam Gilad,CEO, Gilad Creative Media, Inc.
Adam Gilad

CEO, Gilad Creative Media, Inc.
Host of Fearless Lover 

Adam Gilad is an eclectic, inveterate creator, writer, Emmy-nominated Producer, traveler, scholar, teacher, student and life-enthusiast.

In recent years, Adam has founded The Fearless Lover, Inc., an evolving suite of online and semin......[read more]

Alissa Kriteman,Author - “Four Cornerstones for Living Your Dreams"
Alissa Kriteman

Author - “Four Cornerstones for Living Your Dreams"
Host of Just For Women 

Show host, author and entrepreneur, Alissa Kriteman brings a sassy and bold approach to all that she does.  With a background as a Professional Life Coach and Relationship Expert, Alissa brings a wealth of insight and knowledge to her ......[read more]

Chip August,Personal Growth Coach and Facilitator, Human Awareness Institute
Chip August

Personal Growth Coach and Facilitator, Human Awareness Institute
Host of Sex, Love and Intimacy 

From 1990 through the present, Charles "Chip" August has facilitated personal growth workshops, both his own and those produced by the Human Awareness Institute, headquarters in San Mateo, California (

<......[read more]

Dr. Patti Taylor,Author,  "Expand Her Orgasm Tonight" & "Expanded Orgasm"
Dr. Patti Taylor

Author, "Expand Her Orgasm Tonight" & "Expanded Orgasm"
Host of Expanded Lovemaking 

Patricia Taylor, PhD, is the world’s leading teacher of Expanded Orgasm. Her studies in this field extend back over twenty years. She makes regular media appearances, has published two books, produced a full length sex education video, and has ......[read more]

Duncan Campbell,The Best in New Paradigm Thinking®
Duncan Campbell

The Best in New Paradigm Thinking®
Host of Living Dialogues 

Duncan Campbell holds degrees from Yale College and Harvard Law School, and a Certificat from the Sorbonne.  In the last 40 years he has gained extensive experience in the fields of psychology, philosophy, spirituality, law, bus......[read more]

Francesca Gentille,Director, The LifeDance Center
Francesca Gentille

Director, The LifeDance Center
Host of Sex - Tantra and Kama Sutra 

Outrageously effervescent media personality and "Diva of Divine Relationships," Francesca Gentille has spent the past 10 years at the forefront of alternative culture. Exploring the alphabet of sacred sexuality including Assanas, Breathing Tech......[read more]

Lisa Louise Cooke,Host of Family History
Lisa Louise Cooke

Host of Family History
Host of Family History 

As a little girl Lisa Louise Cooke was always captivated by her family history.  She spent hours at the knee of her maternal grandmother taking notes about her memories, and leafing through dusty old family photo albums. 

A......[read more]

Mark Michael Lewis,Founder, Smart Energy Enterprises, Inc.
Mark Michael Lewis

Founder, Smart Energy Enterprises, Inc.
Host of Money, Mission and Meaning 

Mark Michael Lewis is an entrepreneur, consultant, coach, and founder of, working to integrate mental, spiritual, and computer technology to cultivate the blossoming of humanity.  He is als......[read more]

Meredith Medland,Host of, Executive Coach,
Meredith Medland

Host of, Executive Coach,
Host of Living Green 

In a recent article in Yoga Journal Meredith Medland is quoted , "It's my deepest desire," she says, "to help people fall in love with themselves through falling in love with their bodies." Meredith has coached the San F......[read more]

Renee Stephens,Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Life Coach, MBA
Renee Stephens

Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Life Coach, MBA
Host of Inside Out Weight Loss 

A former food addict, Renée Stephens has come a long way. She lost her weight over 20 years ago, and now she is on a mission to stop the slimming struggle. She wants you to know that not only is lasting chan......[read more]

Susan Bratton,CEO, Personal Life Media
Susan Bratton

CEO, Personal Life Media
Host of DishyMix 

Susan Bratton is the co-founder and CEO of Personal Life Media, Inc., a multimedia lifestyle brand providing entertaining and authentic personal content to socially conscious adults. (click here for The Story) Personal Life Media produces 40 we......[read more]

Tim Bratton,COO of Personal Life Media
Tim Bratton

COO of Personal Life Media
Host of

I started my first high tech company in 1990 and have never looked back. Media Vision was my first start up. I wrote the business plan while still getting my MBA at Santa Clara University and quit my job at National Semiconductor to be employee #......[read more]