Ten Self-Empowerment Podcasts Join Personal Life Media Network

Nov 02, 2008

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New Concept Shows Launching Alongside Famous Podcasters Moving to PLM.

Los Altos, CA

Personal Life Media™, Inc. (PLM) a publisher of lifestyle podcasts and blogs for people on the leading edge of culture, announces that ten shows have debuted on or joined the self-empowerment podcast network bringing the total to 35 weekly audio shows and one daily vidcast along with their companion blogs.

Momentum and Mojo

Since launch 18 months ago, PLM has continued to grow key performance indicators. In addition to more than doubling the content offering since launch, web traffic has increased 128% for the year. (Compete.com) 1,000 episodes have been produced with nearly 600 guests resulting in more than six million downloads. The free multi-show podcast player widget launched September 2008 received nearly 500,000 page views in its first month and is utilized by myriad podcasters on and off the PLM network.

Moreover, Personal Life Media shows are popular. Four are now finalists in the Podcast Awards. Further underscoring PLM’s momentum, the company has been added as a Featured Provider on the Podcast home page in iTunes alongside such powerful media brands as Discovery Networks, CNN, NPR and The New York Times.

Podcasts Educate & Inspire

The content of the new shows range from hobby-related digital photography, literature and genealogy to conversations about lifestyle design and holistic health to indie music discovery. There is also a motivational show for sales professionals in the business empowerment category.

All shows from Personal Life Media may be accessed at http://personallifemedia.com or in iTunes at: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewArtist?id=216657439

From Where Are All These Podcasts Coming?

Camera Dojo, Life Zero and Music for Midnight were solo podcasters who found value in partnering with PLM. TheDivaCast, Dear Zanny, Modern Immortal and Words to Mouth joined PLM from other networks. Digital Photography Life and Family History are new offerings from established podcasters with successful shows who chose to launch under the imprimatur of Personal Life Media. And Sales Magic is a new concept show that offers motivational visualizations and has been co-created by Susan Bratton, co-founder with John James Santangelo, a leading NLP master practitioner and life coach with an expertise in sales motivation and training.

Making Money with Podcasts

PLM has scaled out a podcasting platform to enable established shows to easily join the network. In addition to increasing podcast audience growth through optimization, PLM manages sponsorship sales for podcasters. Using VoloMedia's http://volomedia.com dynamic ad serving, the network monetizes downloadable media with pre-, mid- and post-roll audio and video ads, advertorials, host endorsements and product integration into their network of shows, packaging audiences by demographics and contextually relevant subject matter in compliance with the Association for Downloadable Media’s Ad Standards and Audience Measurement Guidelines.

Podcasters Perspectives

"Once Susan and Tim Bratton optimized my podcast on their network, it simply caught fire,” says Austin Beeman, Host of Music for Midnight, “I climbed to #41 in the iTunes Top 100 within two short weeks of moving my show to Personal Life Media."

"We moved TheDivaCast to Personal Life Media because the podcast advertising campaigns and sponsorships PLM is already bringing us reflect the quality of our very popular show," says Robin Maiden, producer of TheDivaCast."

"Michael and I could have launched a new photography show on any network based on the sheer success of our first endeavor, The Digital Photography Show, but we chose PLM because of their combination of technical savvy, amazing creativity, business connections and commitment to our success, says Scott Sherman, Host of “Digital Photography Life."

"After successfully establishing myself in the genealogy hobby niche, I knew I wanted to reach out to a broader audience and introduce them to the joy of discovering their family history. Personal Life Media offers one-stop shopping for the savvy adult looking for top quality, innovative programming. It’s where my show belongs,” says Lisa Louise Cooke host of “Family History: Genealogy Made Easy."

About Personal Life Media

Personal Life Media (http://www.personallifemedia.com) is a multimedia lifestyle brand providing entertaining and authentic personal content to socially conscious adults, and is the first podcast and blog advertising network for advertisers to reach the "cultural creatives" market segment. Expert hosts deliver motivational programs, talk shows, reality-audio, interviews, advanced techniques and guided exercises.

The network offers 35 free weekly audio and video programs, podcasts and companion blogs about happiness, relationships, family, sensuality, life purpose, wealth creation and wellness. Additional areas of interest include the men's movement, women’s issues, hobbies, book reviews, life coaching, ecology, creativity, weight-loss, beauty innovation and cosmetic surgery, retirement, conscious business, ethical sales, spirituality, and personal and global transformation. A free multi-show podcast player widget is free for any podcaster at http://personallifemedia.com/widget

Access the shows for free from a browser or subscribe via RSS or iTunes and listen on an iPod or MP3 player. Personal Life Media is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California.

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