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After 13 years of marriage, my husband and I had lost our spark. It’s easy to do… we were driven, balancing parenthood, dual careers, travel, friends, family and home and we took stock and realized that our relationship with each other had suffered. We began attending couples workshops, and they had a transforming effect on our relationship. By stretching out of our daily lives and comfort zones a little, we re-discovered what it was that made our bond so strong in the beginning, and enriched the relationship beyond the level either of us could have expected.
I wanted to share this remarkable resource with others, so I planned a podcast to interview authors, workshop producers and experts in the personal growth space to expose more people to the huge array of great ideas, techniques and new learning in the world of sex, love, relationships, intimacy, personal growth, spirituality and transformation. There’s so much out there that I’ve experienced and want to share with you. And I thought podcasting was the perfect medium for such personal content.

One day I said to my husband, “Why am I thinking so small? I should be launching a media empire, not a single podcast show!”

My background in publishing, consumer web services and Internet technology seemed the perfect combination. I knew just the right partners, hosts and guests for a great show line up. I decided to create a media network that addressed the needs of adults who seek continual growth. Many of us suffer from a vague feeling of “is this all there is”? We have our house, we have our spouse, we manage our kids, our parents, and our career... but what about continued personal fulfillment? There's so much to explore to have a rewarding personal life as an adult.

My husband loved the idea of Personal Life Media and in my best coup ever, agreed to join the company! Tim is a successful serial entrepreneur, great with technology and finance and amazingly talented on both sides of his brain. He is responsible for the technology, finance, contracts and the growth of our website offering. So that’s how we started this media network. We want to expose you to music, ideas and stories that will broaden your purview on love, sex, green living, cool trends, new beauty concepts, great music, anti-aging, global consciousness, personal transformation and more as we discover not just what we love and want to share but more of what you want.

Scroll through our line up. Subscribe to any or all. Enjoy the writings of our blog network. Let us know your comments as we strive to bring you new and juicy information and aspirations.

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With Love,
Susan Bratton
Founder and CEO,
Personal Life Media